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This blog’s second anniversary

December 27, 2009 By: Tom Davis Category: Thoughts

I am surprised and proud to find that when looking back at the date of the first post to this blog I found it was created in November 2007. The first real posts were created during that holiday season. If you are like I was then and wanted to try blogging about something, but could not think of a subject that would capture the hearts and minds of thousands, then pick something you enjoy and tell others about it. This blog does not have thousands of readers but I am pleased to hear from some of them that do follow along.

I set as a goal last year to post one article per week but no less than two a month. Yes, that is a broad range and not too firm a goal but I have achieved somewhere in between the two. The fun part is I continually think of new items, find or take the photos and start drafts. There are five articles waiting to be completed as I write this.

Many thanks to you who emailed comments and questions. Many thanks also to those that shared this site with others.

Happy New Year.

Tom Davis