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Reusing Historic Street Bricks in a Park

By: Tom Davis Category: Recent Posts, Sidewalk Features, Special Surfaces

CIMG3967.JPGHistoric street brick have been reused in the newly re-programed, re-built and opened Market Square Park. The history and art in the previous incarnation was preserved and expanded while adding a lot more to do.

A particularly nice feature is the reuse of the historic street bricks we saved during the street and utility reconstruction in the past 10 years. The photos here show the bricks in place resting on a 1″ thick sand bed and with grout between the joints. CIMG3901.JPGThe grout filled in the uneven corners of the old bricks and made for a smoother surface. We will watch to see how the temperature cycles  and different coefficients of expansion affect the grout. The grout was not used in any original street brick installations this writer has come across.

CIMG3907.JPGI must give a lot of credit to the contractor, Tribble and Stevens, who took special precautions to get the varying paver sizes to have a common top elevation. To achieve that takes more effort than just dropping the brick on the sand and picking up the next one.


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