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Access Ramp Problems Solved

By: Tom Davis Category: Misc Urban Infrastructure, Sidewalk Features

Anyone who rebuilds a street and sidewalk has faced the issue of making the new installation meet the ADA requirements for accessibility.At Milam and Congress Street Intersection The challenges are not exceeding the maximum slopes at the crosswalks and entries into buildings while also meeting the elevation of cross-streets and making sure the gutter slopes are adequate so the area drains to the inlets.

Congress near Crawford at Minute Maid Baseball Park Employee Accessible EntranceThis post shares solutions to some of the more challenging locations. I do not take credit for the solutions other than perhaps insisting that the engineers, architects and contractors can find a solution. My job included finding the funding. The photos tell the story and I hope this gives you ideas of how to solve your situation. You are on your on with finding the funding but it will be worth it when you see someone that looks like your grandmother in a wheel chair and she does not have to go to the next corner on a hot summer day to cross the street.


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