Sharring experiences in urban infrastructure delivery.


Everything discussed in this blog was the product of many great minds and good people. In general the designs were by someone other than this blogger as my role was to lead the construction phase until Cotswold Phase 3 and then I assume responsibility for leading the design and the construction applying the great ideas and lessons learned from Phases 1 & 2.

The funding for the majority of what is discussed here was from two sources: the City of Houston and the Houston Downtown Management District. The Cotswold street amenities were funded by City of Houston bonds with the debt service being borne by the increases in parking revenue derived from more parking spaces and increased use of all the spaces.

Special credits must be given to Bob Eury, Guy Hagstette, Brett DeBord and the Boards of Directors of Central Houston, Inc. and the Houston Downtown Management District for the insights, urban planning, management and the wisdom to believe in downtown Houston. Also, credit must be given to our current Mayor Sylvester Turner and the past mayors since the revival of downtown Houston began in the late 1990’s.

Credits for individual art and designs are given in the posts that discuss those objects and includes photos of the objects. If I know the artist or designer their name will be posted. If it is not then I do not have it and hope they or someone will send it so they can be recognized.

Maintenance of the majority of the public space improvements presented here is by the Operations Department of the Houston Downtown Management District. The exception is the twelve fountains on Prairie, Preston and Congress and the two Bayou Portals. The City’s Convention & Facilities Entertainment Department, lead by Ms. Dawn Ullrich, maintains the fountains. The two Bayou Portals are maintained by the Buffalo Bayou Partnership.

The architecture and engineering design of the Cotswold program–the primary source for most of the material in this blog–was lead by my partner and fellow Director Guy Hagstette who oversaw Rey de la Reza & Associates for Phase 1 & 2.

None of those individuals or organizations prepared, reviewed or edited the contents of this website. I, Tom Davis, take full responsibility for the content, opinions, and statements expressed herein.

3 Comments to “Credits”

  1. Tom,

    Who can I contact about the first (top) bike rack of the looping steel tube design? I would like to use in NYC at the Battery!


  2. I am the artist who designed and built the bike rack at the bottom of your article in which you included photos of bike racks from Mobile Al. Usually when art work is shown credit is given. You gave credit to every one else why not the artist who did the unque work? And if you want to know what techniques were used ask us.

    • Casey – I am very glad to hear from you as I had sent an email to the Director of your improvment district asking for the artist name. I did not receive a response. I also would like to hear how it was made to share with others. I am very impressed with the work and have edited the text to include your name and location. I will link that to your email address if you like but you could get more spam when the spam jerks find the address. Email me at tom at davis360 dot com.


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