Sharring experiences in urban infrastructure delivery.

Fun Times

As I write the articles in this blog I worry that you may end up like me seeing our downtown or yours only in the context of what it takes to build and maintain it. Life in downtown is largely about work for me but for most it is only a place of fun memories–past and future. I guess the die is cast for me particularly in those places we re-built.

As I looked through photos to tell the stories of planning through construction and maintenance I come across images of people who are feeling the excitement of being in a special place, laughing and having fun. This page is to balance the rather dry nature of some of this blog with glimpses into the fun times.

This page will be a collection of photos of fun times without the who-what-why-where-how story. There is some location info in the captions you will see when you click an image. I will add photos as I find them so check back often as you may appear without notice. If you have a photo that should be here then send it to me.

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