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Reusing Historic Street Bricks

November 15, 2009 By: Tom Davis Category: Misc Urban Infrastructure, Placemaking, Sidewalk Features

One of our Cotswold projects anticipated removing many old street bricks. We found bricks in many streets but the street where they were to be saved for reuse was also where we were removing unused old railroad tracks and placing the new water, waste water and storm water lines. But, we did not find enough bricks to rebuild the planned two blocks of Commerce Street either side of Main Street.CIMG6936.JPG

Looking back on that disappointment I now believe that was a blessing. Not that it was a bad idea but that we did not have the contract requirements in place to recreate a pavement equal to what our forefathers built. We also did not have a consistent brick source. We did plan plan to install the old bricks on a concrete slab to support the heavier vehicles of today. (more…)

Street-Name Signs: Placemaking

September 28, 2009 By: Tom Davis Category: Placemaking, Signage

SNS MainAtWalkerCloseup1.jpgDowntown Houston’s place-making strategy is clearly seen in the use of specialized street name signs.  The specialization is at two levels. First is the dome extension at the top-center that sets the intersection in downtown apart from other locations. Secondly, in that dome part of the sign is the name of the “district” (i.e. Theatre, Retail, Skyline, etc.) of the intersection. (more…)