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Traffic Demand Management at Construction Sites

November 11, 2009 By: Tom Davis Category: Project Communication, Traffic Congestion, Traffic Demand Management

This post, and at least a few in the future, will address “short” term issues and actions taken related to traffic demand management. In these cases we addressed a “short-term” situation (one month to 2 years) rather than the long-term scenarios that are the focus of urban planners.

Downtown Streets.jpgTraffic demand management is crucial for major highway work where thousands of drivers have to find another route for an extended time. For some the management technique is warning signs a few days before the closure and  a press release. Then roll out the barricades and “give them a few days” and the drivers will find another route.

For others, myself included, “management” means providing information about the lane, street or highway closure plus alternative routes in advance so drivers can “know before they go”. (more…)