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Green embedded in a security wall

By: Tom Davis Category: Amenities, Recent Posts, Sidewalk Features

Irrigated planter bed built into security wall with iron fence panels reused from the original fence.On the day after earth day I want to share a well done high-security wall that was built to nurture slivers of green space in a location where soon there will be none. The photo shows the location and how nicely the planting space fits into the wall without taking up precious sidewalk width.

Not shown is the irrigation system that serves each planter or that the iron work was saved from the original fence. I really like the re-use of the iron work as far too much of previous structures is thrown away by the new designer. I can find out the name of the designer if anyone wants to know.

Soon the next phase of the light-rail train will go past here, the trees will be gone and the vines in the iron work will greatly soften an otherwise harsh environment. When that time comes I will post a photo and then we will know the contribution of the trees are in this photo. Too bad they have to go.

These features were included by GSA in the design and construction of a badly needed security wall. Having the pleasure of working with them and the Federal staff in the building I applaud this simple addition that is making a large wall part of the landscape as well as part of the streetscape.

This wall is located on the south side of Capital St. between Smith St. and Bagby St. in downtown Houston Texas.


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  1. Good Question. I added the location as the last sentence in the post.

  2. Where was this used? What is the name of the project?


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