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The Baseball Fountain

By: Tom Davis Category: Sidewalk Art, Sidewalk Fountains

BaseBallFountainWithVault.jpgAt Crawford and Preston (map) is my favorite fountain–a 5-foot diameter bronze baseball across Crawford St. from the entrance to Minute Maid Baseball Park. The setting is to depict a baseball hit out of the Park–of course by one of the Astros– that landed in the sidewalk, breaking water lines and the water gushing up almost onto the broken sidewalk. There have been thousands of photographs taken in front of it and more than a few with kids on top of it. It is part of a wonderful memory for many people. 

Ironically the baseball and the very creative installation is not defined as a part of the art component of the project as it was not provided with the guidance of the Cultural  Arts Council.

I was there the day the baseball rolled up on a trailer and a crane lifted and gently set it into the concrete cradle. Days later the pumps, filter, chemical feed system and controls came to life and the water bubbled up around it as though underground pipes were really broken.

This fountain was part of the Cotswold Program by the Houston Downtown Management District and the City of Houston.  Maintenance of the fountains is provided by the City of Houston’s Convention and Entertainment Department.


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