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Urban Layers–Celebration on Labor Day

By: Tom Davis Category: Misc Urban Infrastructure

This post is for the purpose of celebrating the generations of people who have worked for many years in our urban places long before the term urban was used and blogs were read. Our reconstruction/revitalization of the historic end of downtown Houston dug through some of the oldest soil in the city. When we rebuilt Commerce St. at Fannin St. we were only a few feet from Allen’s Landing where Houston began. Layers of old street pavement in DT Houston 1.JPG

A few blocks south of that intersection on Fannin at Preston we found a layered part of the street and the old installations below that reminded me of the layers of ancient society found in Greece. The layers of street shown in this photo are in no way that old but the message is the same–many people worked many hours at different times over many years to build up to what we enjoy today.

The photo hear shows the many layers of pavement beginning at a thin concrete layer that must have supported much lighter traffic than we have today. Click the photo to see the larger version where you can see the parts of a wooden duct bank that still has the old cables just below the thin layer of non-reinforced concrete like material. That era of telegraph, or more likely early telephone, seems very far from today’s world.

Much labor gave us this day to celebrate those workers.



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