Sharring experiences in urban infrastructure delivery.

Bridges Providing Layers in a Downtown

June 13, 2011 By: Tom Davis Category: Placemaking

CIMG1695.JPGAn aspect about downtown Houston and your city that many may not consider when rushing to work, the theater, a ball game or out to dinner is that there are layers that go beyond the streets and many floors of the buildings–even beyond the pedestrian tunnels here in Houston. In any major city there are bridges and too often people end up trying to live there until they are run out and their cycle starts over. That land space below the bridges is very valuable and should not be wasted on cycling the homeless in an out. Read the rest of this entry →

Layout to Avoid Graffiti

June 06, 2011 By: Tom Davis Category: Misc Urban Infrastructure, Underground Utilities

CIMG6779.JPGWhether you call it an urban art form or graffiti tagging–said with disgust–there are places that it looks stupid no matter which side you argue. I offer this post as a simple insight that did not occur to me until I came across this location. Read the rest of this entry →

Wheel Chair Ramps–Painting Issues

May 17, 2011 By: Tom Davis Category: Sidewalk Features, Special Surfaces

If you ever tried painting concrete in the sidewalk setting then you likely have had similar results as we have: i.e. not good. Paint does not adhere to the concrete particularly when it is grooved as ramps must be.Painted conc ramp.JPG

I am always surprised when engineers give in to the vendors’ plea to “trust us, this is different and we stand behind it”.  They stand behind it provided you can prove it was installed in the ideal temperature and humidity range they recommend and then only for the one-year warranty.  In short, the ramps in only a few years look like these photos.

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A Musical Bike Rack?

May 08, 2011 By: Tom Davis Category: Placemaking, Recent Posts, Sidewalk Features

Photo of a bike rack shaped like flowing musical notes.No, the rack does not play music but the shape, like musical notes, reflects the music that is part of every performance at the Wortham Center Theater where it is mounted at the back door. The rack also serves as a sign of what is inside and a component of place making. Surely this is one of those things my architectural friends call “whimsical”. Read the rest of this entry →

Green embedded in a security wall

April 23, 2011 By: Tom Davis Category: Amenities, Recent Posts, Sidewalk Features

Irrigated planter bed built into security wall with iron fence panels reused from the original fence.On the day after earth day I want to share a well done high-security wall that was built to nurture slivers of green space in a location where soon there will be none. The photo shows the location and how nicely the planting space fits into the wall without taking up precious sidewalk width. Read the rest of this entry →

Small Slices of Unit Pavers

October 03, 2010 By: Tom Davis Category: Amenities, Recent Posts, Special Surfaces

PaversNarrowSlices.jpgIf you have read a few of my posts about paver surfaces you have read about the importance of sand in the joints. As I walked from a meeting back to the office the other day I was reminded of a situation that should/could be avoided that can accelerate the migration of the sand.

The problem is when small slices or pieces of pavers are needed to fill a very narrow gap that is too wide to be only sand. So, the gap is filled with a 1-inch or less “slice” of paver that is floating on top of the sand bed and between the concrete edge of the recess and the next paver. Read the rest of this entry →