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Small Slices of Unit Pavers

October 03, 2010 By: Tom Davis Category: Amenities, Recent Posts, Special Surfaces

PaversNarrowSlices.jpgIf you have read a few of my posts about paver surfaces you have read about the importance of sand in the joints. As I walked from a meeting back to the office the other day I was reminded of a situation that should/could be avoided that can accelerate the migration of the sand.

The problem is when small slices or pieces of pavers are needed to fill a very narrow gap that is too wide to be only sand. So, the gap is filled with a 1-inch or less “slice” of paver that is floating on top of the sand bed and between the concrete edge of the recess and the next paver. (more…)

Repair/Resanding Concrete Unit Pavers

July 24, 2010 By: Tom Davis Category: Misc Urban Infrastructure, Recent Posts, Special Surfaces


In my opinion the key to a long-life concrete or brick unit paver surface–assuming the foundation structure is properly built–is re-sanding. As discussed in other articles at this blog the sand is the “glue” that “locks” the individual pavers together. (more…)

Pavers and the Importance of Sand

June 24, 2010 By: Tom Davis Category: Amenities, Recent Posts, Sidewalk Features

Note sand washing to surface and spalding of corners.Concrete unit pavers are getting a bad reputation in some circles as they have not provided a care-free pavement. But, there is no such thing as care-free pavement. Some just need more care than others and that is the case with concrete unit pavers–particularly in high traffic situations in a wet environment. Ironically loose sand is what holds them together. (more…)

Paver Crosswalks–Loading Considerations

October 30, 2009 By: Tom Davis Category: Sidewalk Features

You need to seriously consider the type of traffic the concrete unit pavers in crosswalks must support.Traffic moves from the left to the right. Note space between pavers is excessive due to shift to the left due to vehicle thrust. Keep in mind that in many urban streeets the right-side curb lane is used by buses and face a much greater range and frequency of heavy loads than do the other lanes. In addition, I believe, the crosswalk on the approach side of the intersection experiences a greater load from the buses–and to some extent cars–because when the signal changes to green the vehicles are accelerating harder as they cross over those pavers than when they cross the paver crosswalk on the other side of the intersection. (more…)

Pavers In Crosswalks-Water Issues

October 30, 2009 By: Tom Davis Category: Sidewalk Features

Concrete unit pavers in crosswalks make a distinctive pathway and adds a classy touch to the intersection. By using different colors and placementĀ  patternsĀ  they can be a memorable place-making amenity. This post and several others that will follow will address placement configuration and issues that drive up maintenance cost.Cross-section of paver crosswalk installation in downtown Houston Texas.